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Wave soldering machine maintenance and precautions

  • Time:2024-01-26
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Wave soldering machine maintenance and precautions

Due to the flammable nature of wave soldering machine auxiliary materials and fluxes, please turn off the wave soldering machine power before maintenance.

The maintenance steps for each part of wave soldering machine are as follows:

1. Transmission part: Each transmission gear and chain should be lubricated once a month to maintain good transportation stability. The transmission claws need to be cleaned with industrial cleaning agents or industrial alcohol every month to prevent solder sticking and poor welding;

2. Flux spray part: the flux recovery pallet and the exhaust filter screen need to be cleaned once a week, and the nozzle needs to use the cleaning function provided by the equipment to remove the flux residue inside the nozzle every day;

3. Preheating zone: It is necessary to clean the dust and residual flux on the sealing plate of the preheating zone every week to prevent excessive accumulation of flux on the sealing plate for a long time, which may cause the flux to enter the interior of the preheating box and cause a fire;

4. Tin furnace section (requires the operation of wave soldering machine power): Clean the tin slag in the tin bath every 2 days according to production conditions, and do not pile up too much, otherwise there will be a motor stirring into the tin spraying port, causing unstable peaks and a significant increase in product defect rate. The filter screen inside the wave soldering machine port also needs to be removed and cleaned every month;

5. Main control electrical box section: Most companies do not clean the wave soldering machine electrical box, and the wave soldering machine electrical box also needs to be cleaned of dust, because the tin slag more or less floats back to various parts of the equipment during the cleaning process. The tin slag also has conductivity. If it is sucked in too much by the cooling fan of the electrical box, it may cause electrical accessories to burn out.