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SMT reflow soldering machine precautions before operation

  • Time:2020-05-26
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SMT reflow soldering machine precautions before operation

1. SMT reflow soldering machine preparation before operation

(1) Check if the power supply of SMT reflow soldering machine is a three-phase five wire power supply with the specified rated voltage and rated current.

(2) Check if the main power supply is connected to the machine.

(3) Check if SMT reflow soldering machine is well grounded.

(4) Check if there are any unrelated debris left inside the electrical control box, and if the wiring sockets inside the electrical control box are properly plugged in.

(5) Check if the emergency brake switch located at the exit and entrance ends is activated.

(6) Check if the UPS is working properly.

(7) Ensure that the exhaust channels at the inlet and outlet of the reflow soldering furnace are actively connected to the main ventilation duct of the factory.

(8) Check the lubrication of each rotating shaft bearing.

(9) Check if the conveyor belt has fallen off or hung during transportation and handling.

(10) Check if the sprocket and gear fastening screws at both ends of the inlet and outlet of SMT reflow soldering machine conveyor device have been fully tightened.

(11) Check if the transmission chain of SMT reflow soldering machine is normal, ensure that there is no accumulation or jamming, and ensure that the chain is in good contact with each sprocket without any detachment.

(12) Clean the furnace chamber thoroughly and do not put anything other than the workpiece into the machine.

(13) Before turning on the heating switch, check whether the set heating temperature is suitable for the processed PCB substrate (single-sided double-sided or mixed) and what lead-free reflow soldering machine is selected (please refer to the solder paste manual for details)

Attention: When the PCB comes out of SMT reflow soldering machine and the temperature is still high, protective gloves should be worn to remove it to prevent hand burns; When SMT reflow soldering machine starts working, do not approach the transmission system with your hands to avoid injury.

2. SMT reflow soldering machine operation steps

Turn the power switch of SMT reflow soldering machine to "ON", run the computer directly to the actual operation interface of WINDOWS, and press the "START" button to run the machine. (Special attention: At this time, it is not allowed to touch or press the "START" button again, otherwise there is a possibility of causing damage to the hard disk. In the actual operation interface of Windows, double-click the icon of the actual operation software on the desktop to enter the selection of the reflow furnace temperature program control system. After turning on, the machine enters the pre heating stage, which lasts for about 20-30 minutes. When the temperature reaches the specified requirements, reflow furnace welding can be carried out.).