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SMT reflow soldering machine maintenance content, methods,and precautions

  • Time:2023-06-26
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SMT reflow soldering machine maintenance content, methods and precautions

1. Maintenance content of SMT reflow soldering machine

SMT reflow soldering machine shell maintenance: Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the machine clean

SMT reflow soldering machine track maintenance: visually inspect the chain for shaking and deformation

SMT reflow soldering machine fan maintenance: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from each exhaust outlet on the casing

Maintenance of SMT reflow soldering machine screw: Check for debris on the width adjustment screw and clean it thoroughly

Cleaning SMT reflow soldering machine sensors: Use a soft cloth to wipe off the dust from the sensors in front and behind the furnace

SMT reflow soldering machine conveyor belt maintenance: Use a dropper to add high-temperature oil to the conveyor chain, with a quantity of 1/2 to 2/3 oil bottle volume per chain

Abnormal noise during SMT reflow soldering machine operation: When the chain rotates normally, listen for abnormal noise

Machine surface screw maintenance: If any looseness or falling is found during visual inspection, notify the technician promptly

Floor under SMT reflow soldering machine machine: Visually inspect the floor under the SMT reflow soldering machine furnace. If there are any foreign objects, clean them in a timely manner.

2. Maintenance method for SMT reflow soldering machine

A. Stop the SMT reflow soldering machine furnace and cool it to room temperature (20-30 degrees) before maintenance can be carried out.

(1) Clean the exhaust pipes every month: Use a cloth dipped in cleaning agent to clean the oil stains inside each exhaust pipe.

(2) Clean the dust and dirt on the drive sprocket every week: Use a cloth and alcohol to clean the dust and dirt on the drive sprocket, and then add lubricating oil again. Clean the inlet and outlet of the furnace, check if there is any oil or dust at the inlet and outlet, and wipe it clean with a cloth.

(3) Use a vacuum cleaner every week to absorb the flux and other dirt in the furnace.

(4) Every month, use a cloth or dust paper dipped in furnace cleaner to wipe off the flux and other dirt sucked out by the vacuum cleaner

(5) Adjust the furnace lifting switch every month to raise the furnace, observe whether the furnace air outlet and parts are covered with flux and other dirt, use an iron shovel to remove the dirt, and then use furnace cleaner to remove it.

(6) Check the upper and lower hot air motors every month for dirt and foreign objects. If there is dirt and foreign objects, they can be removed and cleaned with CP-02 before rust removal with WD-40.

(7) Monthly inspection of the conveyor chain: Check whether the chain is deformed and whether the gears match, and whether the holes between the chain and the chain are blocked by foreign objects. If there are any, use an iron brush to remove them.

B. Check the filter screen inside the exhaust box at the entrance and exit every week.

(1) Remove the rear sealing plate of the exhaust box at the inlet and outlet, and take out the filter screen.

(2) Put the filter into the cleaning solvent and clean it with a steel brush

(3) After the solvent on the surface of the cleaned filter has evaporated completely, insert the filter into the exhaust box and install the exhaust sealing plate

Check the lubrication status of various parts of the machine every week

(1) Add oil to the bearings and width adjustment chains of the machine head

(2) Synchronous chain, tensioning wheel, and bearing oiling

(3) Add oil to the bearings of the machine head transportation chain passing through the wheels

(4) Machine head screw and transmission shaft refueling

3. Precautions for SMT reflow soldering machine maintenance

Fire extinguishers should be installed near the equipment. To avoid improper cleaning of the furnace, which may cause combustion or explosion, it is strictly prohibited to use highly volatile solvents to clean both inside and outside the furnace. If it is impossible to avoid using highly volatile solvents such as alcohol, isopropanol, etc., please ensure that these substances have completely evaporated before using the equipment. Before maintenance, all components must be cleaned of welding flux, dust, dirt, or other foreign objects before applying oil! It is particularly important to note that during our daily maintenance of SMT reflow soldering machine, if any machine malfunctions are found, we cannot repair them without authorization and must promptly notify the equipment management personnel for handling. During the maintenance process, it is necessary to pay attention to safety operations and avoid non-standard operations.