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SMT reflow oven soldering production precautions during trial production stage

  • Time:2023-08-22
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SMT reflow oven soldering production precautions during trial production stage

1.SMT reflow oven soldering preparation

(1)After learning from PMC or procurement that a certain model is ready for trial operation, it is necessary to know the development leader and biotechnology model leader of the model in order to obtain relevant resources and assistance in the future;

(2)Borrowing a prototype: It is necessary to have a simple understanding of the relevant functions of the produced model, and to have a good finished product tested several times for full functionality;

(3)Understand all post welding components of the model, plan the post welding process, evaluate post welding operations and post welding precautions;

(4)Understand the usage of testing fixtures (there are often no testing fixtures during the first trial production), plan testing projects and processes;

(5)Understand the component layout of the entire PCB and evaluate the characteristics of certain components for production considerations;

(6)The SMT reflow oven soldering materials that biotechnology needs to prepare include "component location diagram", "BOM table", and "schematic diagram", which must be of the same version as the produced PCB;

(7)It is best to prepare a sample before departure.

2.Material confirmation at SMT reflow oven soldering plant (production technology cannot interfere with material preparation and issuance, but several confirmations should be made after outsourcing, preferably with the development engineer)

(1)Firstly, understand the material preparation situation. Whether the materials are complete will determine the production schedule, and any incomplete materials should be immediately reported to the factory;

(2)Confirmation of key materials, such as versions and part numbers of major materials such as FWIC, BGA, PCB boards, etc; Material confirmation requires checking the BOM;

(3)Generally, IQC and material personnel from manufacturers also inspect materials. If there are any non-conforming materials, they should immediately verify with the development engineer.

3.First piece confirmation

(1)First piece confirmation for SMT reflow oven soldering, pay attention to the direction and specifications of the main components, check the first piece records of the SMT reflow oven soldering manufacturer, and verify the samples at the same time;

(2)After the PCB has been heated, it is necessary to check the soldering condition of each component and the temperature resistance of the components;

(3)It is best to personally carry out the first piece of post welding and confirm with the development engineer; At this point, prepare for the post welding process and post welding SOP;

(4)If there is a testing fixture, personally test the first piece, confirm the testing project with the development engineer, and start preparing the testing project and testing SOP.

4.Tracking and confirmation of problem pointsRecord and organize the problem points that occurred throughout the entire production process, including information, materials, surface mounting, post welding, testing, maintenance, and all other issues during SMT reflow oven soldering. Summarize them into a problem point tracking report and promptly confirm the problem points with the SMT reflow oven soldering production manager and development department engineers.

5.Feedback: After SMT reflow oven soldering is completed, the issue should be reported to relevant personnel

(1)Feedback SMT reflow oven soldering issues to the responsible person of the biotech machine for review and improvement;

(2)Collect SMT reflow oven soldering issues found during factory trial production and provide feedback to the SMT reflow oven soldering manager;

(3)Provide feedback on the improvement of trial production issues to the SMT reflow oven soldering manager;

(4)Track the improvement of problem points.