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SMT reflow oven production precautions during the mass production stage

  • Time:2023-09-13
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SMT reflow oven production precautions during the mass production stage

A certain reflow oven machine has been mass-produced multiple times by the same manufacturer, and the process and flow are familiar. Sometimes, it is still important to pay attention to the following points:

1.Test fixture confirmation: Confirm the condition of the test fixture and test accessories before production; Collection of previous problem points;

2.Special material confirmation: Confirm materials that have previously experienced abnormalities before reflow oven production, and confirm materials in one batch;

3.First piece confirmation:

(1)Provide a brief understanding and testing of the first article, and review relevant first article records;

(2)Check if the previous problem points have reoccurred and if there has been any improvement in the hands;

(3)Confirm whether the previous reflow oven process and process need improvement.

4.Confirmation of Defective Product Analysis: Conduct a simple analysis of defective products, understand the main distribution and causes of defects, and strive to improve them as much as possible;

5.Information feedback:

(1)Feedback on SMT reflow oven production issues to the person in charge of the production technology, reminding attention to them;

(2)Collect assembly issues within the factory, provide feedback to the responsible person, and request improvement.