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  • The maintenance steps for each part of wave soldering machine are as follows:1. Transmission part: Each transmission gear and chain should be lubricated once a month to maintain good transportation stability. The transmission claws need to be cleaned with industrial cle···

  • The first mass production stage of SMT reflow oven refers to the batch production of models that have been improved through trial production. There are also some models that are put into trial operation and mass production at the same time. Generally, the batch size is ···

  • A certain SMT reflow oven machine has been mass-produced multiple times by the same manufacturer, and the process and flow are familiar. Sometimes, it is still important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Wave soldering and reflow soldering are essential welding equipment for electronic product production welding. Wave soldering is used to weld active plug-in electronic components, reflow soldering is used to weld passive pin electronic components, and reflow soldering i···

  • SMT reflow oven soldering preparation,(1)After learning from PMC or procurement that a certain model is ready for trial operation, it is necessary to know the development leader and biotechnology model leader of the model in order to obtain relevant resources and assist···

  • SMT reflow oven soldering defects can be divided into main defects, secondary defects, and surface defects. Any defect that renders the SMA function ineffective is referred to as the main defect; Minor defects refer to defects where the wetting between solder joints is ···

  • SMT reflow soldering machine shell maintenance: Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the machine clean,SMT reflow soldering machine track maintenance: visually inspect the chain for shaking and deformation

  • According to the actual needs of electronic product manufacturers, they do not want to invest a large amount of cost in electronic products with simple production processes and small quantities. At this point, the small reflow oven will take effect. Small reflow welding···

  • SMT reflow oven soldering relies on the action of hot air flow on the solder joint, allowing the adhesive solder paste to undergo a physical reaction under a certain high-temperature air flow to achieve SMC/SMD soldering. Because the gas circulates in the soldering mach···

  • SMT reflow soldering machine preparation before operation,(1) Check if the power supply of SMT reflow soldering machine is a three-phase five wire power supply with the specified rated voltage and rated current.

  • Wave soldering is mainly used for soldering plugins.Reflow soldering mainly involves soldering SMT components.

  • The lead-free reflow soldering process is currently the most important soldering process in surface mount technology, and it has been widely applied in many industries including mobile phones, computers, automotive electronics, control circuits, communication, LEO light···

  • In the SMT reflow soldering machine process, we often divide them into four stages: preheating, constant temperature, SMT reflow soldering machine, and cooling. Each stage has its own important significance. The editor will discuss with you the operation mode and specif···

  • I believe many friends have heard of the term "SMT reflow soldering", but there are not many who can truly explain the principle of SMT reflow soldering. SMT reflow soldering is the process of remelting the pre allocated paste solder paste on the printed circuit board s···

  • SMT reflow oven soldering is an important component used in the smt reflow oven process. Many friends who have purchased a SMT reflow oven soldering do not know the relevant indicators of SMT reflow oven soldering. In response to this situation, the following will intro···

  • What are the specific requirements for SMT reflow oven soldering process,(1) To set a reasonable SMT reflow oven soldering temperature curve and regularly conduct real-time testing of the temperature curve.

  • SMT pick and place machine is an important equipment in surface mounting technology, used for quickly and accurately installing electronic components on electronic circuit boards, greatly improving the manufacturing efficiency of circuit boards. This article will introd···

  • In today's society, new technologies are being developed every day, and these advancements can be clearly seen in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The design phase of a PCB includes several steps, among which soldering plays a crucial role in determin···