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High-end SMT Reflow Soldering Oven E10,Top Lead-Free Hot air Reflow oven

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A series lead-free reflow oven is cost-effective welding equipment produced by , mainly to deal with the application of small household appliances, LED, power panels and other products. A series reflow oven has won the favor of many customers for its high performance.


Control System

20190217164628_77318.jpg 1. Windows Operation Interface with English and Chinese Language
2. PC + PLC full automatic control, stable and accurate


Heating System
1. Good at soldering CSP, BGA, 0201CHIP and so on
2. Soldering temperature of each heating zone is independent 
control and adjustable
3. Save the cost and improve the heating efficiency


Cooling System:
1.New cooling zone, quick and easy adjustment, easily reach the cooling requirements of different slopes.

Temperature Monitoring System

20190217165206_26484.jpg 1. Monitor the PCB temperature during the whole soldering period
2. The changing temperature in every second can be noticed,
collected and generated a data curve
3. PID intelligent precision controller,automatically control heating volume
4. The temperature curve of the soldering are stored in the computer for whenever you use it


Transporting system
1. Use Panasonic motors, speed adjuster, smoothly running,adjustable speed
2. Use KMC chain ails, smoothly running,Long service life

1. PC + Siemens PLC control system,accurate temperature control and more stable
2. First-class heating module, the best temperature zone interval design makes optimum temperature uniformity and repeat
3. Windows interface, traditional and simplified Chinese and English online free switch
4. New cooling zone, quick and easy adjustment, easily reach the cooling requirements of different slopes
5. YUSH using third-party over-temperature protection, multiple layers protection to ensure safe operation
6. Products comply with CE, CCC, UL , other standards and specifications