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Small reflow oven also has its advantages

  • Time:2022-03-28
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Small reflow oven also has its advantages

According to the actual needs of electronic product manufacturers, they do not want to invest a large amount of cost in electronic products with simple production processes and small quantities. At this point, the small reflow oven will take effect. Small reflow welding machines are designed for small-scale production, experimental production, and complex electronic products. 

Generally speaking, the role of small batch reflow oven is to weld electronic products with small batches and simple process requirements. Many small optoelectronic enterprises have increasingly high requirements for reflow oven. The output of reflow oven is much smaller than that of large reflow oven. If the conveying speed of small reflow oven is slowly adjusted, the welding effect is the same as that of large reflow oven, and the relative output is smaller. Compared to large reflow oven, the investment cost of small reflow oven is much smaller and relatively cheaper. 

The advantages of small reflow oven

Many small reflow oven devices are operated by instruments and computers, and the operation is relatively simple.

1. The heating system adopts imported nickel arc reflector heating tubes, which have high heating efficiency, fast heating speed, and energy-saving efficiency.

2. A special structured forced hot air circulation system ensures even heating of printed circuit boards and components, completely eliminating the "shadow effect".

3. Imported high current solid-state circuit breaker contact output, safe and reliable.

4. Temperature control adopts PID intelligent operation precision controller and PID intelligent operation.

5. Handle external heat changes as soon as possible and ensure more balanced temperature through internal control.

6. Heating tube module design for easy maintenance and disassembly.

7. High temperature and high-speed motor, smooth air transportation, low vibration, and low noise.

8. The transmission system adopts a speed regulating motor and an electric belt for linear speed regulation, ensuring stable operation.

9. Vertical roller structure, flat support, and smooth operation.

10. Stable and reliable electrical control system.

11. Delay switch protection function, uniform cooling after shutdown.

12. It is more convenient to start reflow oven, with fully automatic electric lifting and safety pole support protection, ensuring safety and reliability; The heating module adopts a split type combination, with stable performance, convenient disassembly and maintenance, and more convenient replacement of heating wires; All internal components are made of imported stainless steel plates, CNC processed, with precise dimensions and fine craftsmanship, eliminating the paint peeling and deformation defects of traditional reflow oven parts.

13. The reasonable mechanical transmission part adopts precision machine tool processing, fully automatic width adjustment, dedicated guide rail, durable, deformation free, high-temperature resistant chain, automatic oiling function, independent operation at 350 ℃ high temperature, variable frequency speed control drive mode PCB board, synchronous mesh chain, good stability, and no adverse phenomena in transmission reflow oven.

14. The characteristic of the automatic flux recovery system is that most of the exhaust gas is filtered or recovered before returning to reflow oven, reducing heat loss, making flux recovery more thorough, and maintaining long-term cleanliness of reflow oven.

At present, the market is divided into three temperature ranges, five temperature ranges, six temperature ranges, and eight temperature ranges. Relatively speaking, there are more small-scale reflow oven welders in the five and eight temperature zones. Generally speaking, the function of small reflow oven is to design electronic products for the laboratory, produce them in small batches, and have simple process requirements.