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SMT reflow oven process summary

  • Time:2019-07-18
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SMT reflow oven process summary

In the SMT reflow oven SMT process, the material is first inspected to ensure that its dosage, specifications, model, quality, and performance meet the requirements; reflow oven, followed by brushing solder paste. The solder paste needs to be thawed, mixed well, adjusted for steel mesh, printed with solder paste, and checked for even alignment of the paste surface; Next, use the SMT machine for the SMT process, paying attention to the position, model, direction, polarity, and neatness; In order to ensure the quality of the PCB board, new product inspectors must inspect the surface of the PCB board with high standards of no wrong parts, wrong electrodes, missing parts, and misalignment. The solder paste must be evenly attached, and the components must be level and aligned; reflow oven, followed by reflow oven the PCB board that has passed the inspection and is subjected to 250 ° C high-temperature solidification, commonly known as reflow oven. After the SMT mounting is completed, AOI imaging inspection is also performed to avoid false soldering caused by incorrect materials and mixing.

The PCB board should be held flat and placed gently, and its temperature, speed, board placement, and board connection should be carried out; Furthermore, when carrying out surface veneers, it is necessary to inspect the tin surface, maintain the machine properly, check the tin surface, and avoid phenomena such as solder joints, stacking, insufficient tin, virtual soldering, oblique soldering, desoldering, and repairing errors and omissions.

Chinese EMS companies and the SMT (surface mount) industry can be said to have grown from scratch, from small to large. reflow oven, the development of enterprises reflects the changes in the industry.

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), also known as ECM (Electronic Contract Manufacturing), is translated as professional electronic manufacturing services in Chinese. reflow oven, a domestic EMS enterprise in China, has formed a certain scale after more than 10 years of development, making great contributions to the development of China's electronic industry, and also driving the development of upstream and downstream industries, especially the upstream equipment and materials industry and downstream terminal consumer products.

Under the impact of a large wave of internet enterprises, physical enterprises with independent production capabilities are facing a transition and reform from concepts to products, reflow oven, and how to combine their own advantages with ecosystem strategies, price wars, and other internet models to compete has become the key to the transformation of traditional manufacturing.

Now, what we see on the SMT reflow oven electronic factory production line is no longer a crowded scene. As the demographic dividend gradually subsides, the introduction of a large number of automated production lines and advanced technologies will provide possibilities for controlling and reducing labor costs.